Six helpful tips for 8 Ball Pool to help you get more Wins and Coins

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8-ball pool is amongst the most played and successful game available on IOS and Android play store that lets you play with competitors from all around the world. The simplicity of the game is what makes it so popular. As you, start the game and sign in, you will go through a tutorial for few minutes and then you can try your hand with the players from around the world. The stakes here are to win and earn cash so you can keep playing and buy better cues.

If you are just starting with 8 Ball Pool, then you have come to the right place. We have assembled some amazing tips to get your game on and earn more coins.

Be Wise about the tables you choose!

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You know what they say, “Start small!” While you are starting out you are down on coins, and if you swipe sideways, you will see that some tables have larger fees than others do. So start with Downtown London Pub in the beginning and after you think you have a better cue move towards Sydney. With larger tables entry the pots also increase and you can keep earning along the way.

Mandatory opening the App every day

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Even though you don’t have time to play it, it’s a great idea to open the app for few seconds as there are rewards you get every day. You get a Spin and Win lever that gives you cash, coins and mystery boxes that help you build even better pool cues one by one. You can also buy this spins, but it is always better when you do not have to pay anything right!

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Pay for an improved cue

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This is the best way to advantage your game by just spending some coins and you will have even better chances at winning your matches. The first cues you buy will make a big difference. It will give you more power to shoot, extend your aim, and increase the time you take to shoot. It goes upwards after that, the more you play the more cues gets unlocked and you can purchase with coins you have earned by logging in every day.

Use a little English

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Now do not think I am talking about the language, it means the spin you put on the cue ball while taking a shot. Sometimes you are stuck with those tricky shots, where the ball you want to sink is extremely close to the pocket. What you can do is tap on the cue ball button (top right corner). After that, you can check the spot of the cue ball you want to make contact with and tap near the bottom to add backspin, similarly tapping on the top adds a front spin and sideways can help you move the cue ball as you wish. I know it sounds a little tricky to use, so practice it a bit before trying

Faster shooting!

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It’s real annoying when you have a shot lined up and just when you are about to take your shot, times up! That little green box ruins your shot. Therefore, when you start to line up your shots quicker, tap, drag on the table surface, make exact adjustments by dragging, and take your shot!

Extend your aim!

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Well, the clock is still ticking! So once, you line up your cue ball and the ball you want to target a thin line will appear to help you get a better shot. Take advantage of the guidelines and make a better shot.

Start Shooting!

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So I guess 8 Ball Pool beginners are updated with all the amazing tips they can get and start racking up their wins and coins. After you can use to the game you will get better and will learn more hacks and tricks on your own.