Roblox is much more than just a game

Roblox Review

On the whole counting on me for bringing you the insider reviews for all the new and unique games has now changed my viewpoint on writing a review. I normally would have included a couple of games so many of you can easily relate to some of the games, but today I am here with one single game and app which is capable of a single portal into the world full of gamers engaged with it right now.

Well, the reason I keep saying a single game is that when you download Roblox, which is easily available for download on Play store, is exactly the opposite of a single game. It is just not a game; it is a complete universe of gaming with so many titles, and the most amazing thing is that a great amount of this is users created. This shows how invested Roblox gamers are with the game. It was initially built for children’s but a majority of 8-12 years old play the game, and even 18 years are also welcomed to play it.

Roblox Play store Setup

Roblox Review

Well for starters is all about creativity. It is built in such a way that it encourages players to use their cognitive abilities and creativity to build and keep playing the game.

Safety Features

Roblox Review

It is completely normal to worry about an app when it solicits with so much attention from children. Roblox offers many levels that make sure the safety of gamers. It monitors all the chats for inappropriate behavior and content, players under the age of 13 falls in a restricted group on who can contact them. In addition, Roblox offers an open policy for parents to look at and provides the answer through their web page for concerned parents.

Visuals and Audio

Roblox Review

Roblox being an expansive game is nothing like a bi-studio production game but it is great considering the fact that half of them are community generated and it’s the intended for keeping the game unique. Similarly, the audio too inst to good but it isn’t bad also and matches the visual perfectly.

Overall, the game is expansive with so many selections within the app, and I will admit it that being an adult I found it ordinary. While you can do a lot within the app with all the Avatars, tools and weapons. I handed the game to my 12 years old nephew hoping I can get a better review and his stoked with the game. He says, “It’s the best game I have ever played” also I gave him to play it on my tablets and he insists to play on the PC and I must say it best when played on PC.